Housekeeping Services

Marks Co., Ltd.'s services include daily cleaning, cooking, shopping, laundry, ironing, and general household chores,
picking up and dropping off children, kids care, and communication in English as part of their education.
We help our customers in a wide range of lifestyles.

Cleaning agency

Washroom cleaning

Let alone a drain, the sink.
Thoroughly clean mirrors and faucets.

Toilet cleaning

Cleaning the toilet bowl and toilet seat, Outside, inside, and details of the toilet bowl.
Thoroughly clean and disinfect.

Kitchen cleaning

In addition to washing dishes, we also clean hard-to-clean sinks and drains.

Tidying up

We will organize your room according to your request.


A vacuum cleaner is used to remove dust and dirt that occur in daily life.


Even if you use cleaning appliances, you can clean the parts that you can't reach with a rag.

Table / Shelf cleaning

Wipe off dust with a duster or dust cloth.
In order to clean every nook and cranny, clean carefully, avoiding the things that are placed.

Bath (Bathtub) cleaning

The bathroom is a place where moisture tends to accumulate and mold can easily grow.
Wipe it down and make sure there is no moisture left.

Air conditioner cleaning

We clean and install air conditioners according to your needs.

Ventilation fan cleaning

Oil stains that are worrisome, removal of the filter part, cleaning, drying, and installation are performed.

Window cleaning

Wipe and clean inside and outside windows and screen doors.

Garbage disposal / Sorting

Separate and discard dirt and unnecessary items.
Dispose according to the rules of local governments and condominiums.

Veranda cleaning

Clean the dirt on the veranda.
The areas to be cleaned vary from household to household, but we will clean according to your needs.

Sash cleaning

We will clean the sash according to your request.

Garden cleaning

We can clean your garden according to your needs.

Laundry / Ironing

We can wash / dry, take in / fold, etc.
According to your request.

Room cleaning agency

Living room cleaning

Remove dust, and wipe every corner of the room with a rag or wiper.

Bedroom cleaning (Bed making)

Sheets are changed, duvets are arranged, and dust and hair are removed.

Children's room cleaning

Clean up the children's room by tidying up toys and wiping down.

Closet clearing / Organization

We can help you with tidying up your closet and changing clothes.

Cooking agency

Cooking agent

From single-person households to double-income households, we prepare dishes that suit each household.


Kids care

Recommended for those who want to improve their English skills.

Transportation service

We can provide transportation to and from school, cram school, etc.

Luggage receiving

This is a service to receive parcels on your behalf when you are not at home.

Shopping agency

We will also respond to requests such as wanting you to buy products from stores far from your home instead.

Pet related cleaning

We clean pets and clean the living environment.